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      3. About us
        Jiangsu Taibai Group Co.,LTD. is one of the key Titanium Dioxide producers in China. We have the annual production capacity of 70000 tons of high-grade Rutile Tio2, 70000 tons of polymerized ferric sulfate and 250,000 tons of sulfuric acid. We grows out of Zhenjiang Titanium Dioxide Factory, which founded in 1948. The total capital of my group is over RMB 650 million yuan. Now we have three subsidiary companies: Jiangsu Zhentai Chemical Co., Ltd.; Zhenjiang Taibai Chemical Co., Ltd. ; Zhenjiang Taibai Machinery Co., Ltd. We are the Peace Enterprises and Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprises of Jiangsu Province,Charitable Star of Zhenjiang City. Our Gl ......
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        General Managers Office
           E-mail: zjb@global-tio2.com

        Sales Department
           E-mail: richard_zhu@global-tio2.com

        Human Resources Department

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        Jiangsu Taibai Group Co.,LTD. Address:No. 68 Linjiang West Road, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Tel:86-511-85273715 FAX:86-511-83360430
        E-mail:zjb@global-tio2.com 技术支持:江苏易润